About Me

Hello! My name is Lisa Duran, I’ve been an artist my whole entire life. I grew up drawing and doodling in every sketchbook and book I could get my hands on. As a young child I was heavily influenced and inspired by cartoons and animation. As a teenager I discovered the art of tattooing and began to tattoo and study the many styles of tattoo art. As a young adult I discovered graphic design and illustration and found that I could create anything and everything I imagined.

I love creating and experimenting with color palettes. Designing, illustrating and sculpting are my passions. Anything that has to do with using my hands and somehow bringing ideas to life is what makes me happy. Creating has always been a freeing experience both as a child and now as an adult. I always push myself to newer levels, ways of thinking and solving design problems.
I feel that art shouldn’t have boundaries; it’s something that all forms of artists use to express themselves. So I make sure to go past the boundaries, think different and always have fun when designing. I feel that having fun is the key to design success and the key to life itself.


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